So, you want to know a bit more? Hover over a selfie and I'll tell you!


Can't decide where to start? I've got a whopping TWO FAQ's you may be interested in.

(okay. so they aren't so frequently asked just yet, but these were the ones I had answers for.)


Why don't you have a home page?

It's simple. Home is where I live, not where I work. If it were the old days, an office would be where I work. But it's the new days and I freelance. So I work from home. (get it??)


On a serious note, home has been: the Chicago area, Albuquerque, Phoenix metro, greater Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon, not Maine) and Stavoren, Friesland, Netherlands.


How do you pronounce your last name, TURECEK?

That depends.

My dad always says "Smith" when making dinner reservations.

And my grandfather used to say "You can call me anything just don't call me late for dinner."



Background photo: Canal in Stavoren, Friesland